Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nicklaus Charles Richardson

Here he is! Nicklaus Charles Richardson. He was born at 10:13 pm on December 21, 2010. He weighed 9 pounds 4 ounces ... was 21 & 1/2 inches and was 2 weeks early. He is such a peaceful, mellow baby. We love him so much. Johnny and Sarah couldn't be sweeter with him. And, as you can see below, he looks a lot like his siblings ... specifically Johnny. We love him so much and are just excited that he's part of our home.

The reason why ...

I can't believe I haven't posted since the end of March. Where did the year go??? O.K. so it's only been 9 months ... where did 9 months go? There was the move from Las Vegas and the 5 weeks we lived with my parents and the move and remodeling of parts of the house in Sandy, and Johnny's 1st year in school all day, oh, and Sarah's 7 costume changes a day... one more event that I'll discuss in further detail in my next entry. Since this blog is a record of the comings and goings of our family (and since I'm not getting out of the house much these days) I'll update the last 9 months in posts in the next week or 2. Man, it will feel good to be caught up on something.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome to Hogwarts!

Well, its taken a few weeks longer than I had planned but it's finally finished. John keeps asking if I'm going to kick Johnny out and start sleeping in there myself (he thinks I'm slightly obsessed) but it was all worth it because Johnny loves it. He and Sarah get dressed up in their Hogwarts robes and go to "school" in his room. Johnny has started carrying his pet Hedgwig around the house and Sarah slept with Krookshanks last night. I should thank John for helping me paint the room and my friend Jana for helping me with the lettering so that I could make the Hogwarts Express sign that Johnny was hoping for.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Take me out to the ball game...

Every morning Johnny asks what day it is so that he knows whether or not John will be staying home from work. Needless to say, Saturdays are his favorite day of the week. Johnny's playing little league again this year so he an John have been practicing in the yard. John's great about going to Johnny's practices and games. This year he's one of the assistant coach's. I love to see how much fun my boys have together. Sarah seems to have a great time as well.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Draperies, Draperies, everywhere!

Most people want to clean there house in the spring, apparently, I just want to decorate it. I love the neutral colors that we have on our walls, and carpet, and tile, but its just been a little to much of the same so I finally found the some drapes that would and a little more color and decided to hang them up. Here are a few pics.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sarah's Room

The last few weeks John and I have been working on the kids rooms. Johnny's room is "Harry Potter" themed while Sarah's is, of course, all about princesses and pink. Even though we started Johnny's 1st, there are a few more things on order for his room that haven't come yet so I'll post his pics when they do. We finished Sarah's on Saturday so here in is in all its princess glory.

Sarah's Birthday

For Sarah's 3rd Birthday we had a PRINCESS PARTY! We invited four of her friends (Taya, Ainsley, Ava, and Addison) and had a wonderful time. We dressed up in princess dresses, played "pin the slipper on Cinderella", decorated tiaras and had a princess cake. It was great. My mom was down for the week and was a great help.

We also got to have a little party with Daddy and Grandpa John the night before so here are a few pics of both parties.

I've also attached a video of Sarah blowing out her candles. And, yes, we still at the cake after.

Christmas 2009

Here's a few pics of our Christmas this year. We didn't get to go and do some of our favorite Christmas Traditions like sledding and seeing the lights at Temple Square because we were all sick with a bad cough. Johnny even ended up in an urgent care clinic on the Sunday after Christmas because he was having trouble breathing:(

Even after all that, it was good to see family and be part of all the festivities. Johnny was relieved that Santa knew how to find us at Grandma's House and Sarah was happy about all the presents.

Hogle Zoo

Hi Everyone...all I can really say is that it's been a long winter for us over here at the Richardson house. Now that we're approaching spring, I'm finally getting back into the swing of things and have decided to upate my blog with the highlights of the last few months.

The 1st of these was a great trip to Hogle Zoo for Johnny, Sarah and Me at the end of November. We went with my sister, Tracie, and her two youngest, Jacob and Katie. The weather was cold but I have to say that the animals were more active than I've ever seen them. There were also lots of babies on display so it was a great trip. And, Thanks to Tracie's hot chocolate we survived the weather without too much trouble.