Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow ...

Here are a couple of shots of our first attempt at piggy tails in Sarah's Hair. I didn't believe she had enough to do it yet but Kata had faith. I know their slightly ridiculous but we've worked 18 long months on growing this hair and we're proud of it. Besides, I think they're pretty adorable.

Long Time NO Post

It's been a crazy summer between the Chicken Pox, Johnny's fractured pelvis, and Sarah's tubes we've frequented a few too many Dr's and Hospitals. But, I think things are finally starting to improve. Here are a few pictures of Johnny and Sarah playing Indiana Jones. He loves pretending to swing from a whip while he runs around. Daddy's the one who got him the cowboy hat and cap gun. Sarah has one as well (with a pink cowgirl holster) but she's much more interested in wearing mom's shoes and jewelry.

As you can see he's running around pretty well for someone who fractured their pelvis in 5 places. You don't get the full Indy effect unless you imagine him singing the theme song at the top of his lungs while he runs, jumps, swings, etc.