Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nicklaus Charles Richardson

Here he is! Nicklaus Charles Richardson. He was born at 10:13 pm on December 21, 2010. He weighed 9 pounds 4 ounces ... was 21 & 1/2 inches and was 2 weeks early. He is such a peaceful, mellow baby. We love him so much. Johnny and Sarah couldn't be sweeter with him. And, as you can see below, he looks a lot like his siblings ... specifically Johnny. We love him so much and are just excited that he's part of our home.

The reason why ...

I can't believe I haven't posted since the end of March. Where did the year go??? O.K. so it's only been 9 months ... where did 9 months go? There was the move from Las Vegas and the 5 weeks we lived with my parents and the move and remodeling of parts of the house in Sandy, and Johnny's 1st year in school all day, oh, and Sarah's 7 costume changes a day... one more event that I'll discuss in further detail in my next entry. Since this blog is a record of the comings and goings of our family (and since I'm not getting out of the house much these days) I'll update the last 9 months in posts in the next week or 2. Man, it will feel good to be caught up on something.