Monday, December 10, 2007

Here Comes Trouble

Sarah always on the go and into everything these days. She's a lot like a puppy in that she'll eat anything off the floor and watches to see what she can take of Johnny's table for and extra snack. As you can see, this day it was the rest of his mac and cheese!

Friday, December 7, 2007

My Boys

For Flashback friday I thought I'd post a few of my favorite pictures of Johnny and his dad. John never had any brothers (4 little sisters) so he was really excited when we had a boy. He's a great dad and as you can see, they are 2 peas in a pod.

Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa Evans

I was reminded yesterday that I've been negligent in updating my blog so here's a new post for those of you who are tired of seeing my halloween pictures.

We spent Thanksgiving up in Salt Lake with my family this year. It was good to see everyone and as always the trip was too short to do see everyone as much as we wanted.

Johnny loves his Grandma and Grandpa Evans' house and especially their yard. He was so excited to ride on Grandpa's tractor that he was jumping up and down and shaking. The wide shot shows them mowing the middle lawn. Their land actually goes back to the big wood pile lining the fence by the building obscured by the trees. The swing set and play house are also blocked but you get the idea. Mom and Dad have lived there for nearly 40 years so this is the yard I grew up playing in.

Sarah was sick the last 2 days of our trip so my mom would rock her to sleep. She's a great grandma. My children are so lucky becuase they have 4 wonderful grandparents who love and make them feel so special.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I think I may be the last person on the planet or at least my blogging neighborhood to be tagged. I was hopeful it wouldn't come my way because I didn't want to try and write 6 "interesting" things about myself. However, I've enjoyed reading yours so here we go.

1. I love to learn. I like to watch documentaries on almost any subject and have a very good memory for details and random factoids. Until having children ruined my brain I used to remember phone numbers after hearing them once and hardly ever wrote down the food orders when I was waiting tables as I worked through college. Having said that, I have a TERRIBLE time remembering names. I honestly don't know the names of half the people in my ward even though I can tell you there occupations, how many kids they have, there ages etc. It gets very embarrassing.

2. I have a problem with "spoonerisms" and its getting worse the older I get. When I'm speaking, the word I'm thinking of in my head gets switched somehow and comes out as a similar but unrelated word. One time I was talking to John about my food allergies and said that I hoped I didn't ever go into "prophylactic" shock. When he did a double take and asked me what I'd just said I repeated "anaphylactic" shock not realizing I'd ever said anything different. If you know John very well then you can imagine how much mileage he got out of this one.

3. I'm compulsive about straightening crooked picture frames and wall hangings. I also hate when things aren't square. I think it comes from my dad. He's done beautiful finish carpentry as a hobby for years and has built a lot of the furniture in their home. Anyway, his attention to detail must have rubbed off.

4. I really like to scuba dive although I don't get to often enough living in a desert. I also like snow skiing and rock climbing but I don't do those too much right now because of the babies. Fortunately, we can hike as a family (as long as John carries the heavy backpack or child).

5. I'm a recovering "A" type. I used to worry about doing everything perfectly (as evendenced by my grades up through Highschool, scholarships etc.) Then I decided that life was to short to be stressed out all the time and that trying to be perfect wasn't very much fun. So Then I decided that mediocre was the way to go (as evendenced by my grades in college). Now I fluctuate somewhere between the two depending on the circumstances and find that the "A" type is starting to rear her ugly head more the older I get.

6. I love my bed. I really, really love my bed. I love to sleep which is suprising because for someone who loves to sleep so much, I really don't seem to get very much.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Trick or Treat! This year Johnny was so much fun! As soon as our neighbors started putting up Halloween Decorations, he started waking up and asking me "Is it Halloween Day today?" That really helped us get in the spirit so we spent more time decorating and doing "Halloween" things that we have before. Johnny loved picking out the decorations and candy at the store and He must have eaten 20 of Aunt Laurie's eyeball cookies. Johnny changed his mind about what his costume should be about 100 times. His favorites were a Thomas the Train, a Power Ranger, Spiderman, Darth Vader, and a Witch! As you can see, we opted for Thomas. Here he's standing next to his best friend Adam (aka Batman).

Of course Sarah didn't understand anything but that didn't stop her from wanting to hold her brother's pumpkin and eating his candy if he left it within her reach. Isn't she the cutest little Ladybug that you've ever seen?

Last, I have to give John credit for carving really great pumpkins. He got off work early on Halloween and came home and Carved Sally and Harry while I carved Jack. Of course Johnny liked them all but He LOVED Harry. And for that matter, so did the trick or treaters. Even the teenagers who came to our door told me that our pumpkins were "tight."

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cowboy's Delight

Here's a video clip of Johnny and his daddy singing. The best time to catch them is right before bed but since it's too dark to film, I thought I'd catch this one. As you can see Sarah is a very attentive audience.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Johnny and Sarah Show

I'm sure that if you check in very often you'll see that this is quick to become the "Johnny and Sarah Show". Since that's what the grandmas (who I assume may be the only 2 regular readers) will want to see most, I'm happy to oblige them.

Johnny is such a helper! He loves to do whatever his Daddy or I am doing. Recently that was helping me put up Halloween lights in the front yard. If there is a project, he'll hurry to get tools and say "I working so hard." and "Can We fix it...Yes We Can" followed by the "Bob the builder" theme song.

Sarah is getting so fast. She loves to army crawl everywhere but especially into the kitchen where she can scavage for food left on the floor after Johnny's previous meal. She does this so often that when Johnny wants to go in to the kitchen, he says "Come on sarah, we're going to babyland!" She also loves to get under or into any tight space.The only problem with this is that she often gets caught under the chairs or the tables and cries until I can come and rescue her.

Now that she had crawling on the floor down, she's attempting to go vertical. I caught her standing up in her crib the other day and just yesterday she was trying to climb the 1st step to our flight of stairs.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Here's the run down of conference weekend. Built a fort. Listened to Conference. Bathed the Kids. Listened to Conference. Chased the Kids around the House. Listened to Conference. I think you get the Idea. John and I are sure we listened to approximately 15 minutes of conference although we heard all 4 sessions. This of course, excludes the Priesthood Session which John was allowed to listen to in its entirety due to the fact that he had to go to the stake center to hear it. The Kids are great! Sarah's crawling like mad. She's giving her brother a run for his money on the energy front. I think she may have him beat on the mischief soon. She's a little thief. She watches for any opportunity to get the toy Johnny's playing with and when it comes ... Bam! She strikes.