Monday, April 30, 2012

John got to meet his friend, Greg (from Las Vegas), and a client at Brianhead ski resort a few weeks ago. He decided to take Johnny along so that he could have his 1st ski lesson. At the end of the Day, I talked to Johnny on the phone and asked him if his teacher was nice. He said "yes, but he yelled at me a few times." I said "What did he yell?" Johnny replied, " He yelled,Johnny get back here!'" I have a feeling that the instructor earned his money keeping up with Johnny that day. The good news is that Johnny LOVED it and seemed to pick it up really quickly. John and he are trying to figure out a time when they can go again.

Diving in Cozumel - 2012

For any of you still reading this blog, posting now seems to be an annual event.  Going back to work and having 3 babies seems to suck up every minute I have.  However, I wanted to show a few of the pics from our last scuba diving adventure in Cozumel.  We went on a cruise with My Parents and 2 of my sisters and their husbands.  It was so much fun.  One of the days John and I had a chance to scuba dive and these are some of the pics I took!