Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sarah's 4th!

Here are some pics of Sarah's 4th Birthday. She had a little party that included Daddy, Johnny and Nicklaus on her birthday and a princess only party the next weekend. She loved her Dollhouse (from mom and dad) almost as much as her "Sleeping Beauty wig" I've attached several pics of the wig so that you can see it in all its glory. I can hardly wait to show the boyfriends some of these in 12-15 years!

Bubsy Wubsy's 1st month

Here a some pics of little Nicklaus' 1st month. We started out call him "Bubba" because he's such a chunk but some how that morphed into "Bubsy Wubsy." I'm going to have to try and call him Nicklaus on occasion or he'll never figure out what his acual name is.

No matter what we call him, he's definitely a sweetie. He's probably the most mellow of the 3 babies we've had which is saying something because they've all been happy babies from the start. He mostly just hangs out in his bouncy chair peeking at the horizontal slats in the shutters and blinds. It seems like the only time I hear him make a noise is when he gets too much love from Johnny or Sarah.