Saturday, January 19, 2008

I know I'm a month late but I've finally got a chance to post a few pictures of the Christmas Holidays. Little kids make the holidays soooo much fun. Here's Johnny on the "Polar Express" aka Heber Creeper meeting Santa. He got a bell and a candy cane so who could ask for more. I couldn't help thinking as other adults on board that they were missing the key ingredient to the magic ... children.
As you can see, Sarah Couldn't tak her eyes off of Santa. He was wonderful! She loved the candy canes but Johnny thought they were too peppery.

We had a wonderful holiday. Here's a slide show of the rest of the trip which included several family parties, Sledding at Big Cottonwood park and Soldier Hollow as well as an afternoon at Classic Skating!

Here are a few pictures of Johnny and Sarah at a park in Las Vegas. I thought I'd take some pictures to show those who don't live here what a Las Vegas Winter Looks like. They're from before Christmas but I haven't got around to posting anything because Christmas was so hectic this year.
Sometimes it feels like my part time Job is taking the kids to the park. Our pool is great in the summer, but in the winter we don't really have a yard for the kids and they have so much energy. Thank goodness there are a lot of great parks around for us to visit.