Saturday, February 23, 2008

BELIZE with Ease

Hi Everyone! February has been a crazy month so here is a belated post of our fabulous trip to Belize. It took 3 planes and roughly 12 hours to get to Ambergris Caye ( the island where we stayed) but it was well worth it. It was beautiful, layed back, and romantic. We went with my parents (Connie and Charles) who are a lot of fun to travel with. I have to say that they are pretty adventurous and did everything we wanted to including an 85 foot high jungle zip-line and snokeling with nurse sharks and sting rays. We saw beautiful mayan ruins, went reef fishing, SCUBA dived some of the most beautiful and famous dives in the world and ate some really great seafood on a beautiful carribean beach. We would have more pictures from our dives if our new digital dive camera hadn't died on the first dive ! Oh well, we still have the memories and I have to say that they are pretty great. We're waiting on a few dive pictures from a couple we met there so I'll post them when I get them. In the mean time here a few of my favorite pictures of our wonderful adventure.

Monday, February 4, 2008

She's ONE!

That's right. It's been a year since little Sarah joined our family. We love her spunk, smiles and laughter so much. Her daddy says that she's a little spitfire and I have to agree. She can stand and clap her hands (which she proudly does as often as possible) and is very good at making her wants known even though mamma and dadda are her only official words. She's a sweetie and we can't imagine our family without her!
Here are a few pictures of her birthday parties. As you can see Johnny helped her polish off her 1st birthday cake which, judging by her smile was O.K. with her.