Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cowboy's Delight

Here's a video clip of Johnny and his daddy singing. The best time to catch them is right before bed but since it's too dark to film, I thought I'd catch this one. As you can see Sarah is a very attentive audience.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Johnny and Sarah Show

I'm sure that if you check in very often you'll see that this is quick to become the "Johnny and Sarah Show". Since that's what the grandmas (who I assume may be the only 2 regular readers) will want to see most, I'm happy to oblige them.

Johnny is such a helper! He loves to do whatever his Daddy or I am doing. Recently that was helping me put up Halloween lights in the front yard. If there is a project, he'll hurry to get tools and say "I working so hard." and "Can We fix it...Yes We Can" followed by the "Bob the builder" theme song.

Sarah is getting so fast. She loves to army crawl everywhere but especially into the kitchen where she can scavage for food left on the floor after Johnny's previous meal. She does this so often that when Johnny wants to go in to the kitchen, he says "Come on sarah, we're going to babyland!" She also loves to get under or into any tight space.The only problem with this is that she often gets caught under the chairs or the tables and cries until I can come and rescue her.

Now that she had crawling on the floor down, she's attempting to go vertical. I caught her standing up in her crib the other day and just yesterday she was trying to climb the 1st step to our flight of stairs.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Here's the run down of conference weekend. Built a fort. Listened to Conference. Bathed the Kids. Listened to Conference. Chased the Kids around the House. Listened to Conference. I think you get the Idea. John and I are sure we listened to approximately 15 minutes of conference although we heard all 4 sessions. This of course, excludes the Priesthood Session which John was allowed to listen to in its entirety due to the fact that he had to go to the stake center to hear it. The Kids are great! Sarah's crawling like mad. She's giving her brother a run for his money on the energy front. I think she may have him beat on the mischief soon. She's a little thief. She watches for any opportunity to get the toy Johnny's playing with and when it comes ... Bam! She strikes.