Friday, June 19, 2009

Johnny's 5th Birthday

Here are a few pics from Johnny's 5th birthday. Since I'm starting to pack up the house, I decided to have it at Peter Piper Pizza. Johnny thought it was great so I guess it was a hit. Speaking of Moving, if any of you now someone who wants to rent a house with a pool in North Las Vegas, let me know.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here are a few pictures of one of Johnny's last T-ball games. He loved going this year. Partly because he got to learn about baseball but mostly because he made new friends with his team mates and because he got to spend time with his dad. John was a very good dugout dad and was there helping at almost every practice and game. What cute boys!

Here are some pictures of John's last adventure to Mt. Charleston. He and his friend Scott decided to go even though all the Scouts (who were supposed to go) bailed on them. Everything went well the 1st night. The next day, they summitted around 9:00 am & it was a beautiful day (as you can see by the pictures). Then, everything went downhill from there:) They got stuck in a hail/snowstorm, lost the trail for about 6 hours (it was covered by about 8 inches of snow) and were in the worst lighting storm John says he's ever seen. The good news is that they are both strong as an ox (Scott's even bigger than John) and just as stubborn because, even though they hiked around 20 miles that day, they kept going until they found they're way down.

Apparently, the MC adventure didn't do anything to dim John's love of hiking because he decided to go to mummy springs only 2 weeks later.